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How Noni Juice is Processed - Hawaiian

For over six years Hawaiian Herbal Blessings, Inc, has been the producer of 100% Pure Hawaiian NONI juice, noni powder and other noni based products. They use only the white ripe Noni fruit in our manufacturing. First Hawaiian Herbal Blessings select the best ecologically wildcrafted or certified organic fruit available in the Hawaiian Islands. The process begins with natural fermentation of the ripe fruit for 3-6 months. No yeast, bacteria, sugar or nutrients are added during the process. When fermentation is complete, the fruit is gently cold pressed at our FDA approved facility on Maui. This maintains the tradition of the ancient practitioners who used fermented juice to treat their patients. The company founder studied these methods for many years with the descendants of these practitioners and it is their guidance that Hawaiian Herbal Blessings is thankful for to offer fine Noni juice and other Noni products to the world.

Why Fermentation?

Hawaiian Herbal Blessings is different from other Noni processors and go to great lengths to maintain the quality and potency of aged fermented Hawaiian Herbal Blessings Noni juice. Fermentation is a natural aging process that increases the quantity and quality of naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms. These beneficial organisms include enzymes, yeasts and bacteria. The process is 100% natural. There is no sugar, yeast or nutrients added to the Noni during or after fermentation. Only white ripe Noni will ferment properly. That means, harvesting must be continuous, always waiting for only the ripe fruit, unripe green or yellow fruit will not ferment. Therefore, more time is taken to harvest, prepare and pack our Noni using these time tested methods than others who press fresh juice from all types of fruit. Like aging a fine wine, the company believes the longer the Noni is fermented, the more it's potential is realized. Hawaiian Herbal Blessings' quality control personnel make every effort to be consistent with this process. After juicing we blend smaller batches for consistency of color and then pasteurize at low heat to stabilize the juice for a long shelf life. Hawaiian Herbal Blessings believes that if the ancient practitioners were here today they would be preparing their Noni in the same way.